4.3 Common Features of Using Output Formats

In this section we discuss how to start and stop the display output formats:common features of the different output formats and how to send the output to the screen or to a file. file:sending output to To fix ideas, we use FORTRAN output format for most of the examples.

You can use the )set output system output formats:starting command to output formats:stopping toggle or redirect the different kinds of output. set output The name of the kind of output follows output in the command. The names are

fortran for FORTRAN output.
algebra for monospace two-dimensional mathematical output.
tex for TeX output.
script for IBM Script Formula Format output.

For example, issue )set output fortran on to turn on FORTRAN format and issue )set output fortran off to turn it off. By default, algebra is on and all others are off. set output fortran When output is started, it is sent to the screen. To send the output to a file, give the file name without output formats:sending to file directory or extension. FriCAS appends a file extension depending on the kind of output being produced.

Issue this to redirect FORTRAN output to, for example, the file linalg.sfort.

)set output fortran linalg
FORTRAN output will be written to file linalg.sfort .

You must also turn on the creation of FORTRAN output. The above just says where it goes if it is created.

)set output fortran on

In what directory is this output placed? It goes into the directory from which you started FriCAS, or if you have used the )cd system command, the one that you specified with )cd. cd You should use )cd before you send the output to the file.

You can always direct output back to the screen by issuing this. output formats:sending to screen

)set output fortran console

Let’s make sure FORTRAN formatting is off so that nothing we do from now on produces FORTRAN output.

)set output fortran off

We also delete the demonstrated output file we created.

)system rm linalg.sfort

You can abbreviate the words on, off, and console to the minimal number of characters needed to distinguish them. Because of this, you cannot send output to files called on.sfort, off.sfort, of.sfort, console.sfort, consol.sfort and so on.

The width of the output on the page is set by output formats:line length )set output length for all formats except FORTRAN. set output length Use )set fortran fortlength to change the FORTRAN line length from its default value of 72.