4.2 The .axiom.input FileΒΆ

When FriCAS starts up, it tries to read the input file .axiom.input (.axiom.input used to be called axiom.input in the NAG version) from your home start-up profile file directory. file:start-up profile It there is no .axiom.input in your home directory, it reads the copy located in its own src/input directory. file:.axiom.input @.axiom.input The file usually contains system commands to personalize your FriCAS environment. In the remainder of this section we mention a few things that users frequently place in their .axiom.input files.

In order to have FORTRAN output always produced from your computations, place the system command )set output fortran on in .axiom.input. quit If you do not want to be prompted for confirmation when you issue the )quit system command, place )set quit unprotected in .axiom.input. set quit unprotected If you then decide that you do want to be prompted, issue )set quit protected. set quit protected This is the default setting so that new users do not leave FriCAS inadvertently.The system command )pquit always prompts you for confirmation.

To see the other system variables you can set, issue )set or use the HyperDoc Settings facility to view and change FriCAS system variables.