4.4 Monospace Two-Dimensional Mathematical Format

This is the default output format for FriCAS. It is usually on when you start the system. set output algebra output formats:monospace 2D monospace 2D output format

If it is not, issue this.

)set output algebra on

Since the printed version of this book (as opposed to the HyperDoc version) shows output produced by the TeX output formatter, let us temporarily turn off TeX output.

)set output tex off

Here is an example of what it looks like.

matrix [ [i*x^i + j*%i*y^j for i in 1..2] for j in 3..4]
     +     3           3     2+
     |3%i y  + x  3%i y  + 2x |
(1)  |                        |
     |     4           4     2|
     +4%i y  + x  4%i y  + 2x +

Type: Matrix Polynomial Complex Integer

Issue this to turn off this kind of formatting.

)set output algebra off

Turn TeX output on again.

)set output tex on

The characters used for the matrix brackets above are rather ugly. You get this character set when you issue character set )set output characters plain. set output characters This character set should be used when you are running on a machine that does not support the IBM extended ASCII character set. If you are running on an IBM workstation, for example, issue )set output characters default to get better looking output.