16.19 )quit



User Level Required: interpreter

Command Syntax:


)set quit protected | unprotected

Command Description:

This command is used to terminate FriCAS and return to the operating system. Other than by redoing all your computations or by using the )history )restore command to try to restore your working environment, you cannot return to FriCAS in the same state.

)quit differs from the )pquit in that it asks for pquit confirmation only if the command

)set quit protected

has been issued. set quit protected Otherwise, )quit will make FriCAS terminate and return you to the operating system (or the environment from which you invoked the system).

The default setting is )set quit protected so that )quit and )pquit behave in the same way. If you do issue

)set quit unprotected

we set quit unprotected suggest that you do not (somehow) assign )quit to be executed when you press, say, a function key.

Also See: )fin ugSysCmdfin, )history ugSysCmdhistory, )close

ugSysCmdclose, )pquit ugSysCmdpquit, and )system ugSysCmdsystem.