16.20 )read



User Level Required: interpreter

Command Syntax:

)read [fileName]

)read [fileName] [)quiet] [)ifthere]

Command Description:

This command is used to read .input files into FriCAS. file:input The command

)read matrix.input

will read the contents of the file matrix.input into FriCAS. The .input file extension is optional. See ugInOutIn for more information about .input files.

This command remembers the previous file you edited, read or compiled. If you do not specify a file name, the previous file will be read.

The )ifthere option checks to see whether the .input file exists. If it does not, the )read command does nothing. If you do not use this option and the file does not exist, you are asked to give the name of an existing .input file.

The )quiet option suppresses output while the file is being read.

Also See: )compile ugSysCmdcompile, )edit ugSysCmdedit, and )history