16.18 )pquitΒΆ



User Level Required: interpreter

Command Syntax:


Command Description:

This command is used to terminate FriCAS and return to the operating system. Other than by redoing all your computations or by using the )history )restore command to try to restore your working environment, you cannot return to FriCAS in the same state.

)pquit differs from the )quit in that it always asks for confirmation that you want to terminate FriCAS (the p is for protected). quit When you enter the )pquit command, FriCAS responds

Please enter y or yes if you really want to leave the interactive
environment and return to the operating system:

If you respond with y or yes, you will see the message

You are now leaving the FriCAS interactive environment.
Issue the command axiom to the operating system to start a new


and FriCAS will terminate and return you to the operating system (or the environment from which you invoked the system). If you responded with something other than y or yes, then the message

You have chosen to remain in the FriCAS interactive environment.

will be displayed and, indeed, FriCAS would still be running.

Also See: )fin ugSysCmdfin, )history ugSysCmdhistory, )close

ugSysCmdclose, )quit ugSysCmdquit, and )system ugSysCmdsystem.