16.25 )systemΒΆ



User Level Required: interpreter

Command Syntax:

)system cmdExpression

Command Description:

This command may be used to issue commands to the operating system while remaining in FriCAS. The cmdExpression is passed to the operating system for execution.

To get an operating system shell, issue, for example, )system sh. When you enter the key combination, Ctrl– D (pressing and holding the Ctrl key and then pressing the D key) the shell will terminate and you will return to FriCAS. We do not recommend this way of creating a shell because Common Lisp may field some interrupts instead of the shell. If possible, use a shell running in another window.

If you execute programs that misbehave you may not be able to return to FriCAS. If this happens, you may have no other choice than to restart FriCAS and restore the environment via )history )restore, if possible.

Also See: )boot ugSysCmdboot, )fin ugSysCmdfin, )lisp ugSysCmdlisp,

)pquit ugSysCmdpquit, and )quit ugSysCmdquit.