16.24 )synonym



User Level Required: interpreter

Command Syntax:


)synonym synonym fullCommand

)what synonyms

Command Description:

This command is used to create short synonyms for system command expressions. For example, the following synonyms might simplify commands you often use.

)synonym save         history )save
)synonym restore      history )restore
)synonym mail         system mail
)synonym ls           system ls
)synonym fortran      set output fortran

Once defined, synonyms can be used in place of the longer command expressions. Thus

)fortran on

is the same as the longer

)set fortran output on

To list all defined synonyms, issue either of

)what synonyms

To list, say, all synonyms that contain the substring ap, issue

)what synonyms ap

Also See: )set ugSysCmdset and )what ugSysCmdwhat.