16.14 )libraryΒΆ



User Level Required: interpreter

Command Syntax:

)library libName1 [libName2 ...]

)library )dir dirName

)library )only objName1 [objlib2 ...]

)library )noexpose

Command Description:

This command replaces the )load system command that was available in FriCAS releases before version 2.0. The )library command makes available to FriCAS the compiled objects in the libraries listed.

For example, if you )compile dopler.as in your home directory, issue )library dopler to have FriCAS look at the library, determine the category and domain constructors present, update the internal database with various properties of the constructors, and arrange for the constructors to be automatically loaded when needed. If the )noexpose option has not been given, the constructors will be exposed (that is, available) in the current frame.

If you compiled a file with the old system compiler, you will have an NRLIB present, for example, DOPLER.NRLIB, where DOPLER is a constructor abbreviation. The command )library DOPLER will then do the analysis and database updates as above.

To tell the system about all libraries in a directory, use )library )dir dirName where dirName is an explicit directory. You may specify . as the directory, which means the current directory from which you started the system or the one you set via the )cd command. The directory name is required.

You may only want to tell the system about particular constructors within a library. In this case, use the )only option. The command )library dopler )only Test1 will only cause the Test1 constructor to be analyzed, autoloaded, etc..

Finally, each constructor in a library are usually automatically exposed when the )library command is used. Use the )noexpose option if you not want them exposed. At a later time you can use )set expose add constructor to expose any hidden constructors.

Note for FriCAS beta testers: At various times this command was called

)local and )with before the name )library became the official name.

Also See: )cd ugSysCmdcd, )compile ugSysCmdcompile, )frame

ugSysCmdframe, and )set ugSysCmdset.