15.7 DocumentationΒΆ


We describe here a few additions to the on-line version of the AXIOM book which you can read with HyperDoc.

A section has been added to the graphics chapter, describing how to build two-dimensional graphs from lists of points. An example is given showing how to read the points from a file. See section ugGraphTwoDbuild for details.

A further section has been added to that same chapter, describing how to add a two-dimensional graph to a viewport which already contains other graphs. See section ugGraphTwoDappend for details.

Chapter 3 and the on-line HyperDoc help have been unified.

An explanation of operation names ending in ? and ! has been added to the first chapter. See the end of the section ugIntroCallFun for details.

An expanded explanation of using predicates has been added to the sixth chapter. See the example involving evenRule in the middle of the section ugUserRules for details.

Documentation for the )compile, )library and )load commands has been greatly changed. This reflects the ability of the )compile to now invoke the Aldor compiler, the impending deletion of the )load command and the new )library command. The )library command replaces )load and is compatible with the compiled output from both the old and new compilers.