15.6 HyperTex


The buttons on the titlebar and scrollbar have been replaced with ones which have a 3D effect. You can change the foreground and background colors of these controls by including and modifying the following lines in your .Xdefaults file.

FriCAS.hyperdoc.ControlBackground: White
FriCAS.hyperdoc.ControlForeground: Black

For various reasons, HyperDoc sometimes displays a secondary window. You can control the size and placement of this window by including and modifying the following line in your .Xdefaults file.

FriCAS.hyperdoc.FormGeometry: =950x450+100+0

This setting is a standard X Window System geometry specification: you are requesting a window 950 pixels wide by 450 deep and placed in the upper left corner.

Some key definitions have been changed to conform more closely with the CUA guidelines. Press F9 to see the current definitions.

Input boxes (for example, in the Browser) now accept paste-ins from the X Window System. Use the second button to paste in something you have previously copied or cut. An example of how you can use this is that you can paste the type from an FriCAS computation into the main Browser input box.