9.70 SegmentBindingΒΆ

The SegmentBinding type is used to indicate a range for a named symbol.

First give the symbol, then an = and finally a segment of values.

x = a..b

Type: SegmentBinding Symbol

This is used to provide a convenient syntax for arguments to certain operations.

sum(i^2, i = 0..n)

Type: Fraction Polynomial Integer

draw(x^2, x = -2..2)

The left-hand side must be of type Symbol but the right-hand side can be a segment over any type.

sb := y = 1/2..3/2

Type: SegmentBinding Fraction Integer

The left- and right-hand sides can be obtained using the variablevariableSegmentBinding and segmentsegmentSegmentBinding operations.


Type: Symbol


Type: Segment Fraction Integer

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