3.1 HeadingsΒΆ

Most pages have a standard set of buttons at the top of the page. This is what they mean:

Click on this to get help. The button only appears if there is specific help for the page you are viewing. You can get general help for HyperDoc by clicking the help button on the home page.
Click here to go back one page. By clicking on this button repeatedly, you can go back several pages and then take off in a new direction.
Go back to the home page, that is, the page on which you started. Use HyperDoc to explore, to make forays into new topics. Don’t worry about how to get back. HyperDoc remembers where you came from. Just click on this button to return.
From the root window (the one that is displayed when you start the system) this button leaves the HyperDoc program, and it must be restarted if you want to use it again. From any other HyperDoc window, it just makes that one window go away. You must use this button to get rid of a window. If you use the window manager Close button, then all of HyperDoc goes away.

The buttons are not displayed if they are not applicable to the page you are viewing. For example, there is no Home button on the top-level menu.