17.1 FriCAS CategoriesΒΆ

This is a listing of all categories in the FriCAS library at the time this book was produced. Use the Browse facility (described in Chapter ugBrowse ) to get more information about these constructors.

This sample entry will help you read the following table:

CategoryName{CategoryAbbreviation}:{ Category1 ... CategoryN}with { op1... opM}


CategoryName is the full category name, e.g., CommutativeRing.
CategoryAbbreviation is the category abbreviation, e.g., COMRING.
Categoryi is a category to which the category belongs.
opj is an operation exported by the category.
Abbreviation: AMR
Full name: AbelianMonoidRing
Belongs to: Algebra BiModule CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero CommutativeRing IntegralDomain Ring
Operations: / coefficient degree leadingCoefficient leadingMonomial map monomial monomial? reductum
Abbreviation: AGG
Full name: Aggregate
Belongs to: Object
Operations: # copy empty empty? eq? less? more? size?
Abbreviation: ACF
Full name: AlgebraicallyClosedField
Belongs to: Field RadicalCategory
Operations: rootOf rootsOf zeroOf zerosOf
Abbreviation: ACFS
Full name: AlgebraicallyClosedFunctionSpace
Belongs to: AlgebraicallyClosedField FunctionSpace
Operations: rootOf rootsOf zeroOf zerosOf
Abbreviation: ALGEBRA
Full name: Algebra
Belongs to: Module Ring
Operations: coerce
Abbreviation: AHYP
Full name: ArcHyperbolicFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: acosh acoth acsch asech asinh atanh
Abbreviation: ATRIG
Full name: ArcTrigonometricFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: acos acot acsc asec asin atan
Abbreviation: ALAGG
Full name: AssociationListAggregate
Belongs to: ListAggregate TableAggregate
Operations: assoc
Abbreviation: ATTREG
Full name: AttributeRegistry
Belongs to:  
Abbreviation: BGAGG
Full name: BagAggregate
Belongs to: HomogeneousAggregate
Operations: bag extract! insert! inspect
Abbreviation: BMODULE
Full name: BiModule
Belongs to: LeftModule RightModule
Abbreviation: BRAGG
Full name: BinaryRecursiveAggregate
Belongs to: RecursiveAggregate
Operations: elt left right setelt setleft! setright!
Abbreviation: BTCAT
Full name: BinaryTreeCategory
Belongs to: BinaryRecursiveAggregate
Operations: node
Abbreviation: BTAGG
Full name: BitAggregate
Belongs to: OneDimensionalArrayAggregate OrderedSet
Operations: \^{} and nand nor not or xor
Abbreviation: CACHSET
Full name: CachableSet
Belongs to: OrderedSet
Operations: position setPosition
Abbreviation: CABMON
Full name: CancellationAbelianMonoid
Belongs to: AbelianMonoid
Abbreviation: CHARNZ
Full name: CharacteristicNonZero
Belongs to: Ring
Operations: charthRoot
Abbreviation: CHARZ
Full name: CharacteristicZero
Belongs to: Ring
Abbreviation: KOERCE
Full name: CoercibleTo
Belongs to:  
Operations: coerce
Abbreviation: CLAGG
Full name: Collection
Belongs to: ConvertibleTo HomogeneousAggregate
Operations: construct find reduce remove removeDuplicates select
Abbreviation: CFCAT
Full name: CombinatorialFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: binomial factorial permutation
Abbreviation: COMBOPC
Full name: CombinatorialOpsCategory
Belongs to: CombinatorialFunctionCategory
Operations: factorials product summation
Abbreviation: COMRING
Full name: CommutativeRing
Belongs to: BiModule Ring
Abbreviation: COMPCAT
Full name: ComplexCategory
Belongs to: CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero CommutativeRing ConvertibleTo DifferentialExtension EuclideanDomain Field FullyEvalableOver FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver FullyRetractableTo IntegralDomain MonogenicAlgebra OrderedSet PolynomialFactorizationExplicit RadicalCategory TranscendentalFunctionCategory
Operations: abs argument complex conjugate exquo imag imaginary norm polarCoordinates rational rational? rationalIfCan real
Abbreviation: KONVERT
Full name: ConvertibleTo
Belongs to:  
Operations: convert
Abbreviation: DQAGG
Full name: DequeueAggregate
Belongs to: QueueAggregate StackAggregate
Operations: bottom! dequeue extractBottom! extractTop! height insertBottom! insertTop! reverse! top!
Abbreviation: DIOPS
Full name: DictionaryOperations
Belongs to: BagAggregate Collection
Operations: dictionary remove! select!
Abbreviation: DIAGG
Full name: Dictionary
Belongs to: DictionaryOperations
Abbreviation: DIFEXT
Full name: DifferentialExtension
Belongs to: DifferentialRing PartialDifferentialRing Ring
Operations: D differentiate
Abbreviation: DPOLCAT
Full name: DifferentialPolynomialCategory
Belongs to: DifferentialExtension Evalable InnerEvalable PolynomialCategory RetractableTo
Operations: degree differentialVariables initial isobaric? leader makeVariable order separant weight weights
Abbreviation: DIFRING
Full name: DifferentialRing
Belongs to: Ring
Operations: D differentiate
Abbreviation: DVARCAT
Full name: DifferentialVariableCategory
Belongs to: OrderedSet RetractableTo
Operations: D coerce differentiate makeVariable order variable weight
Abbreviation: DIVRING
Full name: DivisionRing
Belongs to: Algebra EntireRing
Operations: ^ inv
Abbreviation: DLAGG
Full name: DoublyLinkedAggregate
Belongs to: RecursiveAggregate
Operations: concat! head last next previous setnext! setprevious! tail
Abbreviation: ELEMFUN
Full name: ElementaryFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: ^ exp log
Abbreviation: ELTAGG
Full name: EltableAggregate
Belongs to: Eltable
Operations: elt qelt qsetelt! setelt
Abbreviation: ELTAB
Full name: Eltable
Belongs to:  
Operations: elt
Abbreviation: ENTIRER
Full name: EntireRing
Belongs to: BiModule Ring
Abbreviation: EUCDOM
Full name: EuclideanDomain
Belongs to: PrincipalIdealDomain
Operations: divide euclideanSize extendedEuclidean multiEuclidean quo rem sizeLess?
Abbreviation: EVALAB
Full name: Evalable
Belongs to:  
Operations: eval
Abbreviation: ES
Full name: ExpressionSpace
Belongs to: Evalable InnerEvalable OrderedSet RetractableTo
Operations: belong? box definingPolynomial distribute elt eval freeOf? height is? kernel kernels mainKernel map minPoly operator operators paren subst tower
Abbreviation: ELAGG
Full name: ExtensibleLinearAggregate
Belongs to: LinearAggregate
Operations: concat! delete! insert! merge! remove! removeDuplicates! select!
Abbreviation: XF
Full name: ExtensionField
Belongs to: CharacteristicZero Field FieldOfPrimeCharacteristic RetractableTo VectorSpace
Operations: Frobenius algebraic? degree extensionDegree inGroundField? transcendenceDegree transcendent?
Abbreviation: FPC
Full name: FieldOfPrimeCharacteristic
Belongs to: CharacteristicNonZero Field
Operations: discreteLog order primeFrobenius
Abbreviation: FIELD
Full name: Field
Belongs to: DivisionRing EuclideanDomain UniqueFactorizationDomain
Operations: /
Abbreviation: FILECAT
Full name: FileCategory
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: close! iomode name open read! reopen! write!
Abbreviation: FNCAT
Full name: FileNameCategory
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: coerce directory exists? extension filename name new readable? writable?
Abbreviation: FAMR
Full name: FiniteAbelianMonoidRing
Belongs to: AbelianMonoidRing FullyRetractableTo
Operations: coefficients content exquo ground ground? mapExponents minimumDegree numberOfMonomials primitivePart
Abbreviation: FAXF
Full name: FiniteAlgebraicExtensionField
Belongs to: ExtensionField FiniteFieldCategory RetractableTo
Operations: basis coordinates createNormalElement definingPolynomial degree extensionDegree generator minimalPolynomial norm normal? normalElement represents trace
Abbreviation: FFIELDC
Full name: FiniteFieldCategory
Belongs to: FieldOfPrimeCharacteristic Finite StepThrough
Operations: charthRoot conditionP createPrimitiveElement discreteLog factorsOfCyclicGroupSize order primitive? primitiveElement representationType tableForDiscreteLogarithm
Abbreviation: FLAGG
Full name: FiniteLinearAggregate
Belongs to: LinearAggregate OrderedSet
Operations: copyInto! merge position reverse reverse! sort sort! sorted?
Abbreviation: FINRALG
Full name: FiniteRankAlgebra
Belongs to: Algebra CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero
Operations: characteristicPolynomial coordinates discriminant minimalPolynomial norm rank regularRepresentation represents trace traceMatrix
Abbreviation: FINAALG
Full name: FiniteRankNonAssociativeAlgebra
Belongs to: NonAssociativeAlgebra
Operations: JacobiIdentity? JordanAlgebra? alternative? antiAssociative? antiCommutative? associative? associatorDependence commutative? conditionsForIdempotents coordinates flexible? jordanAdmissible? leftAlternative? leftCharacteristicPolynomial leftDiscriminant leftMinimalPolynomial leftNorm leftRecip leftRegularRepresentation leftTrace leftTraceMatrix leftUnit leftUnits lieAdmissible? lieAlgebra? noncommutativeJordanAlgebra? powerAssociative? rank recip represents rightAlternative? rightCharacteristicPolynomial rightDiscriminant rightMinimalPolynomial rightNorm rightRecip rightRegularRepresentation rightTrace rightTraceMatrix rightUnit rightUnits someBasis structuralConstants unit
Abbreviation: FSAGG
Full name: FiniteSetAggregate
Belongs to: Dictionary Finite SetAggregate
Operations: cardinality complement max min universe
Abbreviation: FINITE
Full name: Finite
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: index lookup random size
Abbreviation: FPS
Full name: FloatingPointSystem
Belongs to: RealNumberSystem
Operations: base bits decreasePrecision digits exponent float increasePrecision mantissa max order precision
Abbreviation: FRAMALG
Full name: FramedAlgebra
Belongs to: FiniteRankAlgebra
Operations: basis convert coordinates discriminant regularRepresentation represents traceMatrix
Abbreviation: FRNAALG
Full name: FramedNonAssociativeAlgebra
Belongs to: FiniteRankNonAssociativeAlgebra
Operations: apply basis conditionsForIdempotents convert coordinates elt leftDiscriminant leftRankPolynomial leftRegularRepresentation leftTraceMatrix represents rightDiscriminant rightRankPolynomial rightRegularRepresentation rightTraceMatrix structuralConstants
Abbreviation: FEVALAB
Full name: FullyEvalableOver
Belongs to: Eltable Evalable InnerEvalable
Operations: map
Abbreviation: FLINEXP
Full name: FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver
Belongs to: LinearlyExplicitRingOver
Abbreviation: FPATMAB
Full name: FullyPatternMatchable
Belongs to: Object PatternMatchable
Abbreviation: FRETRCT
Full name: FullyRetractableTo
Belongs to: RetractableTo
Abbreviation: FFCAT
Full name: FunctionFieldCategory
Belongs to: MonogenicAlgebra
Operations: D absolutelyIrreducible? branchPoint? branchPointAtInfinity? complementaryBasis differentiate elt genus integral? integralAtInfinity? integralBasis integralBasisAtInfinity integralCoordinates integralDerivationMatrix integralMatrix integralMatrixAtInfinity integralRepresents inverseIntegralMatrix inverseIntegralMatrixAtInfinity nonSingularModel normalizeAtInfinity numberOfComponents primitivePart ramified? ramifiedAtInfinity? rationalPoint? rationalPoints reduceBasisAtInfinity represents singular? singularAtInfinity? yCoordinates
Abbreviation: FS
Full name: FunctionSpace
Belongs to: AbelianGroup AbelianMonoid Algebra CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero ConvertibleTo ExpressionSpace Field FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver FullyPatternMatchable FullyRetractableTo Group Monoid PartialDifferentialRing Patternable RetractableTo Ring
Operations: ^ / applyQuote coerce convert denom denominator eval ground ground? isExpt isMult isPlus isPower isTimes numer numerator univariate variables
Abbreviation: GCDDOM
Full name: GcdDomain
Belongs to: IntegralDomain
Operations: gcd lcm
Abbreviation: GRALG
Full name: GradedAlgebra
Belongs to: GradedModule
Operations: One product
Abbreviation: GROUP
Full name: Group
Belongs to: Monoid
Operations: ^ / commutator conjugate inv
Abbreviation: HOAGG
Full name: HomogeneousAggregate
Belongs to: Aggregate SetCategory
Operations: any? count every? map map! member? members parts
Abbreviation: HYPCAT
Full name: HyperbolicFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: cosh coth csch sech sinh tanh
Abbreviation: IXAGG
Full name: IndexedAggregate
Belongs to: EltableAggregate HomogeneousAggregate
Operations: entries entry? fill! first index? indices maxIndex minIndex swap!
Abbreviation: IDPC
Full name: IndexedDirectProductCategory
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: leadingCoefficient leadingSupport map monomial reductum
Abbreviation: IEVALAB
Full name: InnerEvalable
Belongs to:  
Operations: eval
Abbreviation: INS
Full name: IntegerNumberSystem
Belongs to: CharacteristicZero CombinatorialFunctionCategory ConvertibleTo DifferentialRing EuclideanDomain LinearlyExplicitRingOver OrderedRing PatternMatchable RealConstant RetractableTo StepThrough UniqueFactorizationDomain
Operations: addmod base bit? copy dec even? hash inc invmod length mask mulmod odd? positiveRemainder powmod random rational rational? rationalIfCan shift submod symmetricRemainder
Abbreviation: INTDOM
Full name: IntegralDomain
Belongs to: Algebra CommutativeRing EntireRing
Operations: associates? exquo unit? unitCanonical unitNormal
Abbreviation: KDAGG
Full name: KeyedDictionary
Belongs to: Dictionary
Operations: key? keys remove! search
Abbreviation: LZSTAGG
Full name: LazyStreamAggregate
Belongs to: StreamAggregate
Operations: complete explicitEntries? explicitlyEmpty? extend frst lazy? lazyEvaluate numberOfComputedEntries remove rst select
Abbreviation: LALG
Full name: LeftAlgebra
Belongs to: LeftModule Ring
Operations: coerce
Abbreviation: LNAGG
Full name: LinearAggregate
Belongs to: Collection IndexedAggregate
Operations: concat delete elt insert map new setelt
Abbreviation: LINEXP
Full name: LinearlyExplicitRingOver
Belongs to: Ring
Operations: reducedSystem
Abbreviation: LFCAT
Full name: LiouvillianFunctionCategory
Belongs to: PrimitiveFunctionCategory TranscendentalFunctionCategory
Operations: Ci Ei Si dilog erf li
Abbreviation: LSAGG
Full name: ListAggregate
Belongs to: ExtensibleLinearAggregate FiniteLinearAggregate StreamAggregate
Operations: list
Abbreviation: MODULE
Full name: Module
Belongs to: BiModule
Abbreviation: MONADWU
Full name: MonadWithUnit
Belongs to: Monad
Operations: ^ One leftPower leftRecip one? recip rightPower rightRecip
Abbreviation: MONOGEN
Full name: MonogenicAlgebra
Belongs to: CommutativeRing ConvertibleTo DifferentialExtension Field Finite FiniteFieldCategory FramedAlgebra FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver FullyRetractableTo
Operations: convert definingPolynomial derivationCoordinates generator lift reduce
Abbreviation: MLO
Full name: MonogenicLinearOperator
Belongs to: Algebra BiModule Ring
Operations: coefficient degree leadingCoefficient minimumDegree monomial reductum
Abbreviation: MONOID
Full name: Monoid
Belongs to: SemiGroup
Operations: ^ One one? recip
Abbreviation: MDAGG
Full name: MultiDictionary
Belongs to: DictionaryOperations
Operations: duplicates insert! removeDuplicates!
Abbreviation: MSAGG
Full name: MultiSetAggregate
Belongs to: MultiDictionary SetAggregate
Abbreviation: MTSCAT
Full name: MultivariateTaylorSeriesCategory
Belongs to: Evalable InnerEvalable PartialDifferentialRing PowerSeriesCategory RadicalCategory TranscendentalFunctionCategory
Operations: coefficient extend integrate monomial order polynomial
Abbreviation: NAALG
Full name: NonAssociativeAlgebra
Belongs to: Module NonAssociativeRng
Operations: plenaryPower
Abbreviation: NASRING
Full name: NonAssociativeRing
Belongs to: MonadWithUnit NonAssociativeRng
Operations: characteristic coerce
Abbreviation: NARNG
Full name: NonAssociativeRng
Belongs to: AbelianGroup Monad
Operations: antiCommutator associator commutator
Abbreviation: OBJECT
Full name: Object
Belongs to:  
Abbreviation: OC
Full name: OctonionCategory
Belongs to: Algebra CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero ConvertibleTo Finite FullyEvalableOver FullyRetractableTo OrderedSet
Operations: abs conjugate imagE imagI imagJ imagK imagi imagj imagk inv norm octon rational rational? rationalIfCan real
Abbreviation: A1AGG
Full name: OneDimensionalArrayAggregate
Belongs to: FiniteLinearAggregate
Abbreviation: OAGROUP
Full name: OrderedAbelianGroup
Belongs to: AbelianGroup OrderedCancellationAbelianMonoid
Abbreviation: OAMONS
Full name: OrderedAbelianMonoidSup
Belongs to: OrderedCancellationAbelianMonoid
Operations: sup
Abbreviation: OAMON
Full name: OrderedAbelianMonoid
Belongs to: AbelianMonoid OrderedAbelianSemiGroup
Abbreviation: OASGP
Full name: OrderedAbelianSemiGroup
Belongs to: AbelianMonoid OrderedSet
Abbreviation: OCAMON
Full name: OrderedCancellationAbelianMonoid
Belongs to: CancellationAbelianMonoid OrderedAbelianMonoid
Abbreviation: ORDFIN
Full name: OrderedFinite
Belongs to: Finite OrderedSet
Abbreviation: ORDMON
Full name: OrderedMonoid
Belongs to: Monoid OrderedSet
Abbreviation: OMAGG
Full name: OrderedMultiSetAggregate
Belongs to: MultiSetAggregate PriorityQueueAggregate
Operations: min
Abbreviation: ORDRING
Full name: OrderedRing
Belongs to: OrderedAbelianGroup OrderedMonoid Ring
Operations: abs negative? positive? sign
Abbreviation: ORDSET
Full name: OrderedSet
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: < max min
Abbreviation: PADICCT
Full name: PAdicIntegerCategory
Belongs to: CharacteristicZero EuclideanDomain
Operations: approximate complete digits extend moduloP modulus order quotientByP sqrt
Abbreviation: PDRING
Full name: PartialDifferentialRing
Belongs to: Ring
Operations: D differentiate
Abbreviation: PTRANFN
Full name: PartialTranscendentalFunctions
Belongs to:  
Operations: acosIfCan acoshIfCan acotIfCan acothIfCan acscIfCan acschIfCan asecIfCan asechIfCan asinIfCan asinhIfCan atanIfCan atanhIfCan cosIfCan coshIfCan cotIfCan cothIfCan cscIfCan cschIfCan expIfCan logIfCan nthRootIfCan secIfCan sechIfCan sinIfCan sinhIfCan tanIfCan tanhIfCan
Abbreviation: PATAB
Full name: Patternable
Belongs to: ConvertibleTo Object
Abbreviation: PATMAB
Full name: PatternMatchable
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: patternMatch
Abbreviation: PERMCAT
Full name: PermutationCategory
Belongs to: Group OrderedSet
Operations: < cycle cycles elt eval orbit
Abbreviation: PPCURVE
Full name: PlottablePlaneCurveCategory
Belongs to: CoercibleTo
Operations: listBranches xRange yRange
Abbreviation: PSCURVE
Full name: PlottableSpaceCurveCategory
Belongs to: CoercibleTo
Operations: listBranches xRange yRange zRange
Abbreviation: PTCAT
Full name: PointCategory
Belongs to: VectorCategory
Operations: convert cross dimension extend length point
Abbreviation: POLYCAT
Full name: PolynomialCategory
Belongs to: ConvertibleTo Evalable FiniteAbelianMonoidRing FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver GcdDomain InnerEvalable OrderedSet PartialDifferentialRing PatternMatchable PolynomialFactorizationExplicit RetractableTo
Operations: coefficient content degree discriminant isExpt isPlus isTimes mainVariable minimumDegree monicDivide monomial monomials multivariate primitiveMonomials primitivePart resultant squareFree squareFreePart totalDegree univariate variables
Abbreviation: PFECAT
Full name: PolynomialFactorizationExplicit
Belongs to: UniqueFactorizationDomain
Operations: charthRoot conditionP factorPolynomial factorSquareFreePolynomial gcdPolynomial solveLinearPolynomialEquation squareFreePolynomial
Abbreviation: PSCAT
Full name: PowerSeriesCategory
Belongs to: AbelianMonoidRing
Operations: complete monomial pole? variables
Abbreviation: PRIMCAT
Full name: PrimitiveFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: integral
Abbreviation: PID
Full name: PrincipalIdealDomain
Belongs to: GcdDomain
Operations: expressIdealMember principalIdeal
Abbreviation: PRQAGG
Full name: PriorityQueueAggregate
Belongs to: BagAggregate
Operations: max merge merge!
Abbreviation: QUATCAT
Full name: QuaternionCategory
Belongs to: Algebra CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero ConvertibleTo DifferentialExtension DivisionRing EntireRing FullyEvalableOver FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver FullyRetractableTo OrderedSet
Operations: abs conjugate imagI imagJ imagK norm quatern rational rational? rationalIfCan real
Abbreviation: QUAGG
Full name: QueueAggregate
Belongs to: BagAggregate
Operations: back dequeue! enqueue! front length rotate!
Abbreviation: QFCAT
Full name: QuotientFieldCategory
Belongs to: Algebra CharacteristicNonZero CharacteristicZero ConvertibleTo DifferentialExtension Field FullyEvalableOver FullyLinearlyExplicitRingOver FullyPatternMatchable OrderedRing OrderedSet Patternable PolynomialFactorizationExplicit RealConstant RetractableTo StepThrough
Operations: / ceiling denom denominator floor fractionPart numer numerator random wholePart
Abbreviation: RADCAT
Full name: RadicalCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: ^ nthRoot sqrt
Abbreviation: REAL
Full name: RealConstant
Belongs to: ConvertibleTo
Abbreviation: RNS
Full name: RealNumberSystem
Belongs to: CharacteristicZero ConvertibleTo Field OrderedRing PatternMatchable RadicalCategory RealConstant RetractableTo
Operations: abs ceiling floor fractionPart norm round truncate wholePart
Abbreviation: RMATCAT
Full name: RectangularMatrixCategory
Belongs to: BiModule HomogeneousAggregate Module
Operations: / antisymmetric? column diagonal? elt exquo listOfLists map matrix maxColIndex maxRowIndex minColIndex minRowIndex ncols nrows nullSpace nullity qelt rank row rowEchelon square? symmetric?
Abbreviation: RCAGG
Full name: RecursiveAggregate
Belongs to: HomogeneousAggregate
Operations: children cyclic? elt leaf? leaves node? nodes setchildren! setelt setvalue! value
Abbreviation: RETRACT
Full name: RetractableTo
Belongs to:  
Operations: coerce retract retractIfCan
Abbreviation: RING
Full name: Ring
Belongs to: LeftModule Monoid Rng
Operations: characteristic coerce
Abbreviation: RNG
Full name: Rng
Belongs to: AbelianGroup SemiGroup
Abbreviation: SEGCAT
Full name: SegmentCategory
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: BY SEGMENT convert hi high incr lo low segment
Abbreviation: SEGXCAT
Full name: SegmentExpansionCategory
Belongs to: SegmentCategory
Operations: expand map
Abbreviation: SETAGG
Full name: SetAggregate
Belongs to: Collection SetCategory
Operations: < brace difference intersect subset? symmetricDifference union
Abbreviation: SETCAT
Full name: SetCategory
Belongs to: CoercibleTo Object
Operations: =
Abbreviation: SEXCAT
Full name: SExpressionCategory
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: # atom? car cdr convert destruct elt eq expr float float? integer integer? list? null? pair? string string? symbol symbol? uequal
Abbreviation: SPFCAT
Full name: SpecialFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: Beta Gamma abs airyAi airyBi besselI besselJ besselK besselY digamma polygamma
Abbreviation: SKAGG
Full name: StackAggregate
Belongs to: BagAggregate
Operations: depth pop! push! top
Abbreviation: STEP
Full name: StepThrough
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: init nextItem
Abbreviation: STAGG
Full name: StreamAggregate
Belongs to: LinearAggregate UnaryRecursiveAggregate
Operations: explicitlyFinite? possiblyInfinite?
Abbreviation: SRAGG
Full name: StringAggregate
Belongs to: OneDimensionalArrayAggregate
Operations: coerce elt leftTrim lowerCase lowerCase! match match? position prefix? replace rightTrim split substring? suffix? trim upperCase upperCase!
Abbreviation: STRICAT
Full name: StringCategory
Belongs to: StringAggregate
Operations: string
Abbreviation: TBAGG
Full name: TableAggregate
Belongs to: IndexedAggregate KeyedDictionary
Operations: map setelt table
Abbreviation: SPACEC
Full name: ThreeSpaceCategory
Belongs to: SetCategory
Operations: check closedCurve closedCurve? coerce components composite composites copy create3Space curve curve? enterPointData lllip lllp llprop lp lprop merge mesh mesh? modifyPointData numberOfComponents numberOfComposites objects point point? polygon polygon? subspace
Abbreviation: TRANFUN
Full name: TranscendentalFunctionCategory
Belongs to: ArcHyperbolicFunctionCategory ArcTrigonometricFunctionCategory ElementaryFunctionCategory HyperbolicFunctionCategory TrigonometricFunctionCategory
Operations: pi
Abbreviation: TRIGCAT
Full name: TrigonometricFunctionCategory
Belongs to:  
Operations: cos cot csc sec sin tan
Abbreviation: ARR2CAT
Full name: TwoDimensionalArrayCategory
Belongs to: HomogeneousAggregate
Operations: column elt fill! map map! maxColIndex maxRowIndex minColIndex minRowIndex ncols new nrows parts qelt qsetelt! row setColumn! setRow! setelt
Abbreviation: URAGG
Full name: UnaryRecursiveAggregate
Belongs to: RecursiveAggregate
Operations: concat concat! cycleEntry cycleLength cycleSplit! cycleTail elt first last rest second setelt setfirst! setlast! setrest! split! tail third
Abbreviation: UFD
Full name: UniqueFactorizationDomain
Belongs to: GcdDomain
Operations: factor prime? squareFree squareFreePart
Abbreviation: ULSCAT
Full name: UnivariateLaurentSeriesCategory
Belongs to: Field RadicalCategory TranscendentalFunctionCategory UnivariatePowerSeriesCategory
Operations: integrate multiplyCoefficients rationalFunction
Abbreviation: ULSCCAT
Full name: UnivariateLaurentSeriesConstructorCategory
Belongs to: QuotientFieldCategory RetractableTo UnivariateLaurentSeriesCategory
Operations: coerce degree laurent removeZeroes taylor taylorIfCan taylorRep
Abbreviation: UPOLYC
Full name: UnivariatePolynomialCategory
Belongs to: DifferentialExtension DifferentialRing Eltable EuclideanDomain PolynomialCategory StepThrough
Operations: D composite differentiate discriminant divideExponents elt integrate makeSUP monicDivide multiplyExponents order pseudoDivide pseudoQuotient pseudoRemainder resultant separate subResultantGcd unmakeSUP vectorise
Abbreviation: UPSCAT
Full name: UnivariatePowerSeriesCategory
Belongs to: DifferentialRing Eltable PowerSeriesCategory
Operations: approximate center elt eval extend multiplyExponents order series terms truncate variable
Abbreviation: UPXSCAT
Full name: UnivariatePuiseuxSeriesCategory
Belongs to: Field RadicalCategory TranscendentalFunctionCategory UnivariatePowerSeriesCategory
Operations: integrate multiplyExponents
Abbreviation: UPXSCCA
Full name: UnivariatePuiseuxSeriesConstructorCategory
Belongs to: RetractableTo UnivariatePuiseuxSeriesCategory
Operations: coerce degree laurent laurentIfCan laurentRep puiseux rationalPower
Abbreviation: UTSCAT
Full name: UnivariateTaylorSeriesCategory
Belongs to: RadicalCategory TranscendentalFunctionCategory UnivariatePowerSeriesCategory
Operations: ^ coefficients integrate multiplyCoefficients polynomial quoByVar series
Abbreviation: VSPACE
Full name: VectorSpace
Belongs to: Module
Operations: / dimension