15.4 Interactive Front-end and LanguageΒΆ


The leave keyword has been replaced by the break keyword for compatibility with the new FriCAS extension language. See section ugLangLoopsBreak for more information.

Curly braces are no longer used to create sets. Instead, use set followed by a bracketed expression. For example,

set [1,2,3,4]

Curly braces are now used to enclose a block (see section ugLangBlocks for more information). For compatibility, a block can still be enclosed by parentheses as well.

Free functions created by the Aldor compiler can now be loaded and used within the FriCAS interpreter. A free function is a library function that is implemented outside a domain or category constructor.

New coercions to and from type Expression have been added. For example, it is now possible to map a polynomial represented as an expression to an appropriate polynomial type.

Various messages have been added or rewritten for clarity.