13.5 BrowseΒΆ

The Browse facility of HyperDoc is useful for investigating the properties of domains, packages, and categories. From the main HyperDoc menu, move your mouse to Browse and click on the left mouse button. This brings up the Browse first page. Now, with your mouse pointer somewhere in this window, enter the string quadraticform into the input area (all lower case letters will do). Move your mouse to Constructors and click. Up comes a page describing QuadraticForm.

From here, click on Description. This gives you a page that includes a part labeled by `` Description:``. You also see the types for arguments n and K displayed as well as the fact that QuadraticForm returns an AbelianGroup. You can go and experiment a bit by selecting Field with your mouse. Eventually, use the UP button several times to return to the first page on QuadraticForm.

Select Operations to get a list of operations for QuadraticForm. You can select an operation by clicking on it to get an individual page with information about that operation. Or you can select the buttons along the bottom to see alternative views or get additional information on the operations. Then return to the page on QuadraticForm.

Select Cross Reference to get another menu. This menu has buttons for Parents, Ancestors, and others. Clicking on Parents, you see that QuadraticForm has one parent AbelianMonoid.