1.2 Typographic ConventionsΒΆ

In this document we have followed these typographical conventions:

  • Categories, domains and packages are displayed in this font: Ring, Integer, DiophantineSolutionPackage.

  • Prefix operators, infix operators, and punctuation symbols in the FriCAS language are displayed in the text like this: +, $, +->.

  • FriCAS expressions or expression fragments are displayed in this font:

    inc(x) == x + 1.

  • For clarity of presentation, TeX is often used to format expressions


  • Function names and HyperDoc button names are displayed in the text in this font: factor, integrate, Lighting.

  • Italics are used for emphasis and for words defined in the glossary:


This document contains over 2500 examples of FriCAS input and output. All examples were run though FriCAS and their output was created in TeX form by the FriCAS TexFormat package. We have deleted system messages from the example output if those messages are not important for the discussions in which the examples appear.